Simple, Elegant, Nautical Knot Art Inspired by the
Nantucket (ACK) Lifestyle

The Collection

Our Story

ACKnots(TM) was founded from a love of all things nautical, beach, art and of course Nantucket! Our family makes each shadow box by hand with as much care as if it were being displayed in our home (of course they are!).

We are proud of our craftsmanship and use only the highest quality materials available. ACKnots(TM) is proudly produced in CT. These stunning pieces are perfect accents for beach themed rooms / homes and make great housewarming gifts with any decor.

We hope you enjoy your shadow boxes as much as we enjoy making them!

Be sure to check out our "USA Knots" and our "Custom Knots" links to see all the variations of our products and enjoy trying different color schemes and knot types and then purchasing your own unique art.

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"The Nautical knot is simply wonderful! Very excited to hang in our beach home. The quality is exceptional and surpassed my expectations."

Patrica M

"Love these! Great quality they make a great addition to our house."

Amanda C




Westport, CT